User Group

The V4Design Network of Interest (NoI) brings together all relevant stakeholders, beyond the project consortium, from a diverse range of different entities, organizations and creative industries, including: interior designers, architects, video game creators, artists, film makers, European content providers and distributors and research and development laboratories. The Network of Interest members will be informed about the latest progress and the developments of V4Design project, participate in the evaluation of the project results and datasets (after specific agreements), test the project software platforms and provide feedback. Our objective is to involve NoI members as much as possible in discussions about the project, to create an active communication that will create synergies for the possible exploitation and dissemination of the project results and set up partnerships that will be mutually beneficial for all sides. Participation in the technical discussions and activities (special sessions, standardization, etc), as well as contributions (ideas/requirements) fitting the project objectives, are more than welcome.

If you are interested in joining the V4Design User Group, please fill and send the form below to register your organization:

Thank you for your interest in V4Design!