Related Projects


Data storage and retrieval of 3D objects


Sketchfab is a platform to publish, share, discover, buy and sell 3DVR and AR content. It provides a viewer based on the WebGL and WebVR technologies that allows users to display 3D models on the web, to be viewed on any mobile browser, desktop browser or Virtual Reality headset.

scan the world

3D reconstruction of cultural heritage assets


Scan the World is an ambitious initiative whose mission is to archive objects of cultural significance using 3D scanning technologies, producing an extensive platform of content suitable for 3D printing. Through collecting scan data from the community and museums alike, Scan the World serves as a public effort to bring art to the masses in a way more tangible than ever before, all in the wider context of a meaningful contribution to education, preservation, and accessibility.


Art-driven adaptive outdoors and indoors design


Modern day urban and interior design addresses an ever-changing set of needs that arise in expanding cities, in workplaces and homes requiring new functionalities and emotionally-relevant aesthetics. The central objective of MINDSPACES is to create the tools and develop the solutions for adaptive and inclusive spaces that dynamically adapt to emotional, aesthetical and societal responses of end users, creating functionally and emotionally appealing architectural design.


The aim of MULTIDRONE is to develop an innovative intelligent multi-drone team platform for media production to cover outdoor events (e.g., sports) that are typically distributed over large expanses, ranging, for example, from a stadium to an entire city. The drone team will have:

  1. increased multiple drone decisional autonomy, by minimizing production crew load and required interventions, (hence allowing event coverage in the time span of around one hour in an outdoor environment) and
  2. improved multiple drone robustness and safety mechanisms (e.g., communication robustness/safety, embedded flight regulation compliance, enhanced crowd avoidance and emergency landing mechanisms), enabling it to carry out its mission against errors or crew inaction and to handle emergencies.

Making Sense


The overall objective of SUITCEYES is to improve the level of independence and participation of people with deafblindness and to enhance their communication, perception of the environment, knowledge acquisition and conduct of daily routines. SUITCEYES aims at combining and developing cutting-edge technologies and ICT tools to provide a smart, adaptable, haptic interface, which is based on machine learning, sensor technologies, image and signal processing, psychophysics, and affective computing. The project result will (i) extend the localisation and environmental perception of the user and (ii) will extend and improve user’s modes of communication via a haptic interface. Various user studies will inform the project about the needs of the target group and design elements that will allow customisation. To promote and facilitate learning, as well as to capture and extend user´s interest, umwelt, and engagement, (iii) gamification and mediated social interaction will also be incorporated.


InterCONnected NEXt-Generation Immersive IoT Platform of Crime and Terrorism DetectiON PredictiON, InvestigatiON and PreventiON Services


CONNEXIONs aims to develop and demonstrate next-generation detection, prediction, prevention, and investigation services. These services will be based on multidimensional integration and correlation of heterogeneous multimodal data, and delivery of pertinent information to various stakeholders in an interactive manner tailored to their needs, through augmented and virtual reality environments.
The CONNEXIONs solution encompasses the entire lifecycle of law enforcement operations including:

  1. Pre-occurrence crime prediction and prevention
  2. During-occurrence LEA operations
  3. Post-occurrence investigation, and crime-scene simulation and 3D reconstruction.

The Internet of Historical Things and Building New 3D Cultural Worlds


DigiArt seeks to provide a new, cost efficient solution to the capture, processing and display of cultural artefacts. It offers innovative 3D capture systems and methodologies, including aerial capture via drones, automatic registration and modelling techniques to speed up post-capture processing (which is a major bottleneck), semantic image analysis to extract features from digital 3D representations, a “story telling engine” offering a pathway to a deeper understanding of art, and also augmented/virtual reality technologies offering advanced abilities for viewing, or interacting with the 3D models.


A Knowledge-Based Information Agent with Social Competence and Human Interaction Capabilities


KRISTINA’s overall objective is to research and develop technologies for a human-like socially competent and communicative agent that is run on mobile communication devices and that serves for migrants with language and cultural barriers in the host country as a trusted information provision party and mediator in questions related to basic care and healthcare. To develop such an agent, KRISTINA will advance the state of the art in dialogue management, multimodal (vocal, facial and gestural) communication analysis and multimodal communication. The technologies will be validated in two use cases, in which prolonged trials will be carried out for each prototype that marks the termination of a SW development cycle, with a representative number of migrants recruited as users from the migration circles identified as especially in need: elderly Turkish migrants and their relatives and short term Polish care giving personnel in Germany and North African migrants in Spain.


Mining and Understanding of multilinguaL contenT for Intelligent Sentiment Enriched coNtext and Social Oriented inteRpretation


The consumption of large amounts of multilingual and multimedia content regardless of its reliability and cross-validation can have important consequences on the society. An indicative example is the current crisis of the financial markets in Europe, which has created an extremely unstable ground for economic transactions and caused insecurity in  the population. The fact that the national mass media provide exaggerated and contradictory information and the inaptness to understand local contexts from different countries has a considerable share in the aggravation of the crisis.