Scenario 1 Topic: Historical landscape in the Mediterranean, Greece

Storyboard: Local authorities commissioned an independent festival organizer to make proposals for outdoor temporary installations (pavillion, land-art, scenography) for an historical site in Greece, e.g. temporary infrastructure for drama and theatre plays, outdoor events, accessibility etc. The creative team responsible for the task will use V4Design in order to find related material for research upon the topic. They are going to need information (3D, 2D and textual) of local natural and cultural environment and the topography in order to examine the possibilities of the site of intervention. Also they will use it to produce all the necessary material to better communicate their design proposals to the organizers. The output from the tool is going to be used to produce 360° Images, 360° Animations, Class A Rendering, Animation, VR Scenes, final proposal explanatory texts and analysis etc., images and other visual content.

Fig.1 Ancient Theatre, Greece

Scenario 2 Topic: Central Berlin, Germany

Storyboard: An architecture office is commissioned to design a building (addition, extention) in central Berlin , Germany in direct relation to a landmark building of 60 ’ s Modernism (Philarmonic by Scharoun, or Neue National Gallerie by Mies van der Rohe) or new landmark building (Neues Museum by HdM, etc.). The building will host culture related activities

Fig.1 New Gallery, Berlin, Germany