V4Design in GAMESCOM!

From August 21 to August 25, Cologne was transformed into a Mecca for gamers. At Gamescom, the trade show for interactive games and entertainment, exhibitors were showcasing all novelties in the gaming sector. The latest computer and console games have been on display in the large ‘entertainment area’ . Visitors had the chance to test out the games even before their release.

Approximately 355,000 visitors came to the cathedral city in order to experience the world’s largest event for interactive entertainment live. V4Design was happily a part of the tradeshow via our partner NUROGAMES.

How many people tested the tool?

Approximately 500-700

Estimation of their background

Age: an average age of 20 years

Nationality: Mostly German

Gender: 80% Males, 20% Females

Occupation: Students / Gaming enthusiasts

The setup

The setup consisted of a:

  • Laptop capable of supporting VR
  • Oculus Rift 2 Headset. The players would wear the headset and control the camera using their head.
  • 2 Controllers. The controllers were used to move around the map and add/remove/move/scale/rotate the objects, questions and interact with the world
  • 2 Sensors tracking the position and movement of the controllers. The sensors had to be kept 2 meters apart to get the best tracking results.

The user would come and try to add various 3D objects in different scenes of the VR environment and change the VR environments.

Key Findings

  • The users liked the concept of V4Design and the processes involved in making 3D assets out of 2D media
  • The idea of experiencing cities and how they looked a long time ago appealed to the visitors of the trade show. Some of the players suggested that virtual tours of cities when they were old or cities that they cannot visit could be a potential application
  • Users enjoyed being able to interact with the world and place objects and create their own level and the intuitiveness of doing it.