Datasets imported to V4Design platform

Over the past months the content provider partners in V4Design have been busy creating queries based on requirements and have been extracting data from their respective databases. The final dataset containing most of the objects that will be available in the V4Design platform is set for delivery to the V4Design consortium at the end of 2019. Hundreds of thousands of videos, images, text snippets and metadata files are being extracted from sources like Wikipedia, Flick, Europeana, ArtFilms, Deutsche Welle and more.

During the first year of the project the content provider partners of V4Design have learned a lot about how best to extract and provide data to the consortium so that this data will meet the requirements set forth by the V4Design partners. To be able to reconstruct 3D objects from a digitised cultural heritage object, a very specific set of technical needs have to be met first. These technical requirements are being taken into account with the delivery of the final dataset, and will hopefully result in a large amount of 3D assets that can be reused by architects and designers in their everyday work. 

During the collection of this data valuable datasets are being made that can be used as training and test sets for other tasks and projects. The cultural heritage sphere has not had a lot of high quality training sets that can be used for visual analysis. One of the outcomes of the V4Design project will be a few of these datasets that will join the growing corpus of machine learning datasets for cultural heritage. Another promising project funded by the European Union that works towards this goal is the ‘Saint George on a Bike‘ project, awarded a CEF telecom grant. The V4Design project will be in close contact with this CEF Telecom project to create synergies between overlapping tasks. 

With the final datasets being imported to the V4Design consortium in 2019 and early 2020 the second prototype of the V4Design platform should be ready and operational for demo use in the first quarter of 2020. Stay up to date with the latest V4Design news to be able to check out this demo when it releases!