V4Design - Visual and textual content re-purposing FOR(4) architecture, Design and video virtual reality games

V4Design goal is to: (1) re-use textual and visual content by enabling its efficient collection from content providers and crawling from public web resources; (2) re-purpose of content by developing novel approaches for 3D reconstruction and modelling, buildings and objects localization, aesthetics and style extraction, generation of 3D objects enhanced with semantics and explanatory text descriptions and finally (3) deploy innovative architecture, design and VR game authoring applications.

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In a world where visual and textual data are in abundance, creative industries are called and need to re-use and re-purpose them so as to remain competitive to other industries and provide to society and creativity a novel financial prism.


V4Design is called to exploit all the State-of-the-Art technological means so as to re-use and re-purpose existing heterogeneous multimedia content and inspire and support the design, architecture, as well as 3D and VR game industries.

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